About Us

GOBOTiX is a rapidly growing micro company based in Shropshire. Our employees have strong backgrounds in Robotics, Navigation, Computer Vision, Information Engineering and related systems and software.

The company was founded by Ben Davis in 2013 following extensive experience at Edinburgh University, Heriot-Watt University and the University of Oxford.

Our main areas of activity are in the arena of robotic systems research and development. We are very much involved in the development of the Smart City and we believe that through the use of appropriate digital and communication technologies we can help to enhance quality and performance of urban services whilst reducing cost and engaging more effectively with people.

We provide bespoke solutions and consultancy services.

Our Skills

  • Autonomous Vehicles (Underwater, ground and aerial).
  • Laser and Vision Navigation and Mapping/Survey systems.
  • Autonomous Vehicle control and fly-by-wire systems.
  • Indoor and outdoor navigation solutions.
  • Advanced Cruise Control (ACC) and Advanced Driver
  • Assistance Systems (ADAS) for improving vehicle efficiency.
  • Big Data Management and data visualisation.
  • Remote Data visualisation.
  • Embedded and ruggedised solutions for infield use.


Dr Ben Davis
Dr Benjamin Davis
Company Founder & Technical Director

Following his PhD on “The Augmented Reality Framework for the Testing and Evaluation of Unmanned Vehicles”, Ben worked in post-doc research at the Heriot-Watt University, Ocean Systems Lab where he designed and built the Nessie V autonomous underwater vehicle which can be used for carrying out hazardous underwater tasks remotely.
After this project Ben worked at the University of Oxford for three years developing emergency and fail-safe systems for the Autonomous Nissan LEAF robot car before setting up GOBOTiX and securing a number of contracts to deliver solutions into the rail industry and further development in the autonomous car arena.

Our experiences

Design & build of Nessie V Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)
click for more info | click for detailed info | watch Nessie here

  • Three years of work at the University of Oxford developing fly-by-wire and autonomous control systems. Specifically autonomous control systems for the BAE System’s Bowler Wildcat and designing, developing and implementing fail-safe fly-by-wire control systems for RobotCar (Autonomous Nissan LEAF)
  • Vehicle on-board occupant monitoring system and service robot design as a part of Spain’s Robocity2030 programme designed to improve life of citizens in metropolitan areas
  • Intelligent system for parking monitoring
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) research – Occupants monitoring, driver drowsiness detection, text detection and recognition in traffic panels, vehicle surrounding view.

  • 3D reconstruction of buildings from high resolution images
  • 3D scene reconstruction using images from UAVs
  • Detection and classification of road participants (cars, pedestrians, bicycles), visual recognition from stereo images

  • Vision based localisation (SLAM) for assisting visually impaired people

  • Prototype for automated video surveillance in shopping centres

  • Sound interaction and face detection by Bluetooth for a Telepresence Robot
  • Design and build of heavy lifting robotic arm prototype

Our customers

  • University Research and Development laboratories in areas of medical, robotics and computer vision.
  • Commercial Research
  • Robotics and related communities
  • Transport research and development bodies

Our Partners