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GOBOTiX’s Virtual Tramway using autonomous buses

GOBOTiX's Virtual Tramway - autonomous buses on virtual rails "Where we're going we don't need rails - rather we need Virtual Rails." Dr Ben Davis, Founder Virtual rails are like ordinary rails, they guide the vehicle which rides upon them, the only notable difference being they only reside in the virtual world, i.e the mind (mission planner) of [...]

February 6th, 2017|

GOBOTiX demonstrates remote driver assistance service App for disabled drivers via Tele-operation

As part of the GATEway project our autonomous Toyota Prius has been demonstrating the ability to be remotely operated via a tele-operation service. The vehicle can be operated by an App by the driver standing nearby, or by a remote operator located somewhere else in the world. The remote operation has the potential to revolutionize the experience [...]

January 4th, 2017|

Gobotix rail autonomy product goes to market

Today Gobotix launched its autonomous roll back detection product with the delivery  of the first batch of devices to a major train operating company in the UK.  The devices will be fitted to passenger carrying trains running in and out of London and will serve to enhance existing safety provisions. GobotiX GoTRAX* is an infrastructure [...]

March 23rd, 2016|

Gobotix is growing

This month Gobotix has hired another robotics engineer to strengthen the team and help us push forward a number of our key projects. Claire Farrugia is a Master of Science  in Computational Intelligence and Robotics from Sheffield University. Her studies in multi-sensor data fusion and adaptive intelligence  suit her well to contribute to our rail navigation [...]

November 17th, 2015|

Northern Robotics Network

Gobotix attended the Northern robotics Network launch event in early September, showcasing our autonomous car which will feature in a number of projects over the coming months. The Northern Robotics Network is an open network of people from across the north of the UK interested in robotics and autonomous systems. It organises meetings, events and [...]

September 19th, 2015|

Gobotix’s autonomous Prius gets a face-lift

Our Toyota Prius has been undergoing some autonomous control system updating in preparation for the forthcoming trials in our contribution to the GATEway project. In our workshop the car has been thoroughly overhauled and updated in readiness for the fly-by-wire safety trials that we shall be undertaking soon. This car has already proved its value [...]

July 3rd, 2015|

GoTRAX reaches new milestone

Gobotix's GoTRAX system  reached a new milestone in June with the successful fitting of a fully functional prototype to one of Chiltern Railway's passenger trains operating out of Marylebone.  The camera unit fits neatly behind the windscreen collecting data during all normal operating conditions.  The data is passed to the lab through Chiltern's network where it [...]

July 2nd, 2015|

GATEway Project

We're part of the GATEway consortium trialling self-driving cars in Greenwich.  Gobotix will be providing one of the backup safety systems designed to safely remove any failed shuttles from the public space using our remote fly-by-wire technology. Read more about GATEway here. Read more about our involvement in the GATEway project here. GATEway Consortium

June 4th, 2015|

Chiltern Railways

In partnership with Chiltern Railways and the RSSB we are developing 'VUES', the Vehicle Underside Examination System that promises to reduce maintenance outages across the railway. GOBOTiX and Chiltern Railways have worked together to develop VUES, a continuous automatic inspection system using computer vision. Specialist cameras and lighting are used to detect anomalies such as overheating [...]

May 14th, 2015|

GoTRAX – An infrastructure free positioning system

GoTRAX (Patent pending): A rail vehicle positioning system with no reliance upon GPS and does not require any additional infrastructure. GoTRAX uses a night vision camera, reads the rails and measures distance travelled using advanced machine vision algorithms. The system can calculate accurate distance information and navigation within a simple rail map. Information can be [...]

January 5th, 2015|