GOBOTiX people have a thorough understanding of cutting edge research and are in a perfect position to push the boundaries and apply blue sky technology to everyday real world applications. We can deliver bespoke solutions at competitive prices and we have access to a wide range of resources through our business and academic connections.

We have the perfect combination of systems engineering skills and algorithms R&D capability to provide high-end bespoke robotic and autonomous systems. Our people have pioneered a wide range of autonomous navigation systems and have applied these in various domains, most recently Rail.

GOBOTiX is always looking for collaborations and business partners in our endeavour to secure research funding for various technologies which form the basis of cutting edge navigation, control and safety products for robotics and transport applications.

We are open to new business partners enabling us to achieve joint goals. The business has synergistic relationships with other technology R&D companies, such as FutureRailways, Chiltern Railways, TRL Ltd and Oxford Technical Solutions (OXTS) Ltd.

Previous and on-going projects

We have....

Underwater, on the Roads, on the Rails…
What next?
  • R&D of navigation systems with Oxford Technical Solutions.
  • Autonomous (Driver-less) Toyota Prius conversion with TRL Ltd.
  • R&D of Navigation and Mapping technologies for Future Railways as part of the FuTRO project.
  • Design & build Rail Vehicle Underframe Examination Systems
  • Automated Visual Health monitoring using anomaly detection.
  • The design and build of a 3D Laser Survey System.
  • Wind Turbine Control, monitoring, energy management and fault detection software
  • Wind Turbine Blade balancing system.
  • 3D rendering commercial licensed software package (ARF-Work)