Today Gobotix launched its autonomous roll back detection product with the delivery  of the first batch of devices to a major train operating company in the UK.  The devices will be fitted to passenger carrying trains running in and out of London and will serve to enhance existing safety provisions.

GobotiX GoTRAX* is an infrastructure free locating system for determining the precise position of a train on the rail network without relying on GPS or trackside objects. (*patent pending)

A new variant of GoTRAX is GUARD – GoTRAX Used As Rollback Detection which is a safety device to fit to trains to detect unintended movement or “roll-back” as mandated by some infrastructure companies.

GUARD sits behind the windscreen of the driver cab and communicates with the vehicle’s systems sending a current state of movement message, such as reversing/not reversing.

The system uses train operator provided parameters to determine whether any movement is acceptable and intentional and if not, will send a message to the vehicle’s systems which may be used to apply the brakes.

Fitting GUARD requires no modification to the train’s envelope and no additional power sources. GUARD is interfaced with the train’s existing systems and can be fitted very quickly with minimal disruption.

Physical components are simple, making the system cost-effective when compared to alternatives.

GUARD will also assist fleet management and monitoring using the following features:

  - Live Lat/Long position
  - Direction change log
  - Rollback event log
  - Camera preview/image download.
  - Visual Odometry log

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